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Bighorn Sheep Hunts

We outfit and guide Bighorn Sheep hunts throughout the Western U.S. and Rocky Mt. Goat hunts in Eastern Oregon.   The application deadlines fall between April 30th and June 1st. Most hunts open between August and November.  We have guided hunters to 8 of the top 10 B & C ranked Rocky Mountain bighorn rams for Idaho, several top ranked sheep in Washington, plus the Oregon state record Rocky Mountain goat at 54". We have also guided the state record Rocky Mountain ram in New Mexico with a score of 198 B & C. We have guided our hunters to 75 rams exceding the Boone & Crocket minimum of 180 points and 23 rams scoring over 190 B&C points!  We also guide hunts in Montana working with the very best Outfitters throughout the Missouri Breaks.

We specialize in auction and raffle tags where you are able to hunt multiple units.  The cost for these hunts is dependent on the number of areas open and the amount of time spent scouting.  Our standard single-unit 10 day draw hunts are $9,800 plus state sales tax and 3% Federal use fee; with a trophy fee of $2,500 for rams scoring over 190 points. A deposit of $5000 is needed to book your hunt. The balance is due 60 days prior to your hunt opening. All payments are non refundable.   These hunts guarantee you ten days of scouting before your hunt starts.

I keep very close track of many sheep herds in the West.  If you have any questions regarding the current status of rams in any hunting units or would like recommendations on where to apply, I will be glad to assist you.

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